Towards the Wood's Edge (2021)

Within the Hodinöhsö:ni' tradition, the "wood's edge" embodies a liminal space denoting the fusion of one's constructed reality with enigmatic realms that lie beyond perceptible boundaries. Moreover, the edge of the woods is a pivotal site where travellers are not only encountered but also profoundly influenced, forging a sense of kinship even among the unfamiliar. This demarcation beckons a personal voyage into an intimate realm of performance, wherein the reverence of the land is seamlessly interwoven with the fundamental tenets of reciprocity and care, serving as guiding methodologies informing various facets of existence across multiple planes.

Produced / Directed : Alex Jacobs-Blum

Camera/ Score:  Bawaadan Collective

Excerpt from Civil, Religious and Mourning Councils and Ceremonies of Adoption of the New York Indians by William M Beauchamp, 1906. New York State Museum Bulletin 113

White Fragility (2020)

A postminimalist piece employing virtual processes and conceptions over finished objects. In this case, a white vase on a white background, the pages of Robin Di'angelos “White Fragility”, and a synthetic score from Emilio Portal 

Produced / Directed :  Alex Jacobs-Blum and Bawaadan Collective

Score: Emilio Portal

Onákdo:t (2019)

Travelling from Six Nations to the Cayuga Nation that is situated near Ithaca, NY I trace the cross-border Cayuga Nation paths. Documenting the spiritual journey of my ancestors along their traditional homelands. 

Onak:dot explores themes of history, building futurities, resiliency and reclamation. I challenge the intergenerational impact of displacement rendered through a personal visual narrative. Onak:dot reflects my artistic practice as a process of claiming self-identity and healing. The performative act of travelling home to Cayuga Lake is both a personal and political journey in reclaiming Indigeneity. 

The effects of the residential school system impacted generations of Indigenous peoples. In honour of my ancestors and as a way to bridge this gap, I spend time on Cayuga territory to regain traditional knowledge.

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